What difference does a good set of car wheels make

What difference does a good set of car wheels make



Having a good set of wheels can mean much more than just looking good – they allow for increased power and torque, lower fuel consumption, and ultimately better all-around performance. But do you know how much those alloy wheels cost you in terms of gas mileage running costs? Let’s break it down:


The best alloy wheel brands like BBS or Enkei will spread your tyre out over the width of the rim as much as possible, which reduces the weight on each square inch reducing rolling resistance. This means less force is required to push the tyre around each complete rotation, which means less energy loss and more go! Less rotational also equals faster acceleration times – from 0-60 in a 10 second car with perfect wheel alignment will be achievable – when was the last time you saw one of those on the road?

From an engineering perspective, wheels do not always transfer all their power into forwarding motion. A large amount is lost in various ways, including heat and air resistance produced by the spinning wheel. This heat can have a terrible effect on your tyres. A set of alloy wheels’ full potential is only realized when combined with good quality tyres, which are up to the job – too small or too big will result in wasted energy and higher running costs.


The final thing to consider about your alloy wheel purchase is whether it affects your car insurance premium? Is buying them from a respected dealership or insurance-approved alloy wheel specialist worth it? The answer is yes. Look at the Porsche wheels above – they are costly to replace! Ensuring your insurer knows you have top-quality alloy wheels backing you up can help reduce your premium today.


So, what difference does good alloy wheels make? Technically improved performance through reduced tyre weight and decreased rotational drag resulting in faster acceleration times, lower rolling resistance which means better fuel economy and finally potentially a reduction on car insurance premiums. Visit us at https://www.autocraze.com.au/store/wheels/ to know more about our services.

Author: Jodi Sides