Cyber Technology is committed to continuous improvement of its products and the development of new and exciting products. The research and development team are a dynamic group of highly specialised individuals with skills in areas such as:

  • Avionics Systems 
  •  Robotics and Automation 
  •  Control Systems 
  •  Safety Critical Systems 
  •  Human Interface 
  •  Minimized Size Electronics Design

We are continually searching for the latest complementary technologies to integrate into our systems, and are constantly investigating new ways to improve the UAV platforms through internal research, design and development. At Cyber Technology we listen to your requirements and through consultation and collaboration, strive to exceed your needs.

Every UAV design meets conflicting performance characteristics, such as payload vs. endurance, stealth vs. efficiency, size vs. cost, deployment speed vs. air speed etc. At Cyber Technology we are aware that not every application will be solved using a single UAV. We have built up a broad portfolio of customizable UAV platforms to better cater for this diverse range of client UAV needs.

Our most successful system development has been the CyberQuad, an optimal amalgamation of quadrotor simplicity, stability and agility, with ducted fan safety, compactness and efficiency. Years of multidisciplinary design optimisation (MDO) has been invested in the development of the CyberQuad platform in order to ensure each variant achieves the most desirable performance with the least compromise.