Tips For Buying Gin Gift Packs

Gin seems like a great idea, and it can be. But how do you know which one? With all the different options on the market today, we’ve put together this list of tips to help you buy gift packs. Whether you are buying for yourself or your loved ones, these suggestions will help ensure that your purchase is winning. The following are tips for buying gin gift packs or contact Hillmartin Distillery for gin gift packs.

1. Choose a Brand That You’ve Tried Before

This is a simple one: buy what you know. If you have a favourite gin brand, why not buy one for a family member or friend? Or maybe you haven’t had any particular experience with gin and would like to broaden your horizons. Either way, try to pick something that you liked enough to drink on its own. That way, if they don’t like it, they might be willing to try another bottle of your favourite instead.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Flavours

Even though it is always best to buy a brand you know, and like, that doesn’t mean there is no room for experimentation. There are so many different types of gin out there that the chances are pretty good if you haven’t tried them all. One of the great things about buying in bulk is that they can learn more about what they might like or not. You can even bring a bottle with you to the store so they can try it themselves.

3. Try to Avoid Getting Duplicate Bottles

There are many types of gin gift packs where you get four differently flavoured bottles along with a fifth bottle that has all four flavours mixed together. If this is what you’re interested in, make sure that you read the descriptions carefully and don’t get duplicates of the same bottle.

4. Make Sure It’s of High Quality

The way to make sure that you are buying quality gin is to find a brand that is known for its exceptional taste. Bacardi, for example, has been making high-quality distilled spirits since 1862. If you had a chance to try the gin and liked it, then chances are good that the gift pack will be well received as well.

5. Consider the Number of Bottles

When buying a gin gift pack, one important thing to consider is the number of bottles in the pack. The more bottles you get, the greater your chances that some will get used up before they are gone. This is especially true with larger gift packs, so make sure that you read reviews and choose a relatively small quantity (say 2-3) so that you can use them up before having to purchase additional packages.

6. Make Sure It Fits With the Recipient’s Personality

Another thing about gin that is important to consider is what type of personality the person will be getting it for. Although this may seem like a small thing, different brands really do have their own particular style. Some are bold and strong, concentrating on what they do best. Others are delicate and more subtle, concentrating more on their presentation. You should consider both when deciding which bottle to get for your friend or family member.

The tips for buying gin gift packs will help you to make sure that the person you are buying it for will be happy with their gift.

Author: Jodi Sides