Gold Coast Island Cruises

Written by: kousik


Gold coast island cruises give you a great experience. Scenic cruises offer the best view of gold coast island from the water. Here is a recommended list of the best gold coast island cruises to choose:


  1. Gold coast lunch cruise


It is a lunch cruise of two hours. It offers a delicious buffet with fresh prawns which are from the local trawlers. This cruise route gives an extraordinary experience through the extensive canal system which is commonly referred to as the surfer’s paradise. The canal opens to Southport Broadwater with its amazing coast skyline views.


  1. Gold coast sunset river cruise


This cruise will take you around some of the luxurious residences abiding by the gold coast island. It has a fully licensed bar in there. You can comfortably enjoy a glass of champagne while passing the beautiful residences. It will soon take you to the breathtaking sunset view over the gold coast skyline. It also shows you a part of the Australian wildlife.


  1. Gold coast jet boat ride


This cruise will give you a thrilling experience. An exhilarating jet boat ride from the surfer’s paradise will surely implant an adrenaline rush of excitement. It is a 55-minute ride through the water and is worthy of the money invested. It allows you to check out gold coast island through the waterways. How amazing that sounds!


  1. Gold coast morning cruise


Get yourself a refreshed feeling in the morning with a morning tea cruise. This route will take you from the surfer’s paradise to the Queensland gold coast. It is a 90 min ride which is available daily and is absolutely a perfect way to spend your leisurely morning. An extremely relaxing cruise with a beautiful canal and Broadwater on the Gold coast.


Its pretty evident that there are an array of options to choose from when it comes to Hold Coast Island cruises.


Author: Jodi Sides