5 Tips for finding a perfect office rental in Melbourne CBD

Most startups begin with home offices to cut overhead costs and stay afloat while carrying out their operations. However, as these businesses grow, they need to find an office rental due to the increasing number of employees and the rising demand for clients who want to see their physical premises. Finding a good office rental in Melbourne CBD isn’t a daunting task, especially if you know what to look out for. Below are top tips to assist you in finding a good office rental in Melbourne CBD:

  1. Understand your requirements

The first step in finding an office rental is to know your office space requirements. You should come up with a list of requirements from where you can narrow down to specific spaces that you think are ideal for your business. State the must-haves, including the location, furnishing, equipment, security, lease term, etc. If you’re a beginner, you can seek help from a real estate broker. The office space should be easily accessible to your employees and clients and offer maximum privacy.

  1. Have a budget

A budget is essential when finding an office rental in Melbourne CBD. The size and type of office space you’ll get will depend on how much you can afford monthly. It’s, therefore, essential to set a realistic budget that won’t take up your revenues. Get a sizable office space with all amenities, and you won’t regret it. When setting a budget, keep in mind other recurring monthly expenses to cater for.

  1. Begin your search earlier

Finding an office rental in Melbourne CBD may sometimes require a little more effort than you think. In fact, the process can take even months depending on your space requirements, including your favorite neighborhood and renting rates. Therefore, it’s essential to begin your search for office space at least 6months before the current lease expires. This is enough time to determine if the space suits your business or not. Finding an office space at the last minute might be risky since there are chances that you might end up in the wrong space that your clients or employees might not be comfortable with.

  1. Work with a realtor

This is a simple way of getting the perfect office space for your business. Real estate brokers are knowledgeable about the current market trends in the real estate industry, including rental office spaces. You can contact a few real estate brokers and ask them whether they know some vacant office rental spaces in Melbourne CBD and give them specifications depending on what you need. You can then compare the different spaces they recommend to you and make a sound decision after further exploring the spaces on your own to ascertain that they’re what you need for your business.

  1. Focus on flexibility

It’s essential to focus on the flexibility of office rental spaces. You need to have room for growth without necessarily having restrictions. Therefore, you should avoid office spaces with long-term lease terms.

In conclusion, these are the top tips to assist you in getting a perfect office rental in Melbourne CBD. You can also consult a designer to find out if there are some things left out on the office space that might end up costing you more money after you shift your business.


Author: Jodi Sides