Why Pinpoint Precision from Using A Gaming Mouse Matters in Daily Work

Obviously, a gaming mouse is beneficial for gaming, but they can be extremely useful for daily work from a computer or laptop too. Gaming mice often have fancy LED lights and considerably more buttons than a standard mouse. The additional buttons and functions of a gaming mouse work as shortcuts to give gamers access to more commands, right at their fingertips.

Increased efficiency

Added functionality to gaming mice allows players to play faster because instead of using a keyboard button combination to perform a command or shortcut, the same action can be made by a simple click. Gaming isn’t the only instance where readily accessible shortcuts can be advantageous.


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Whether you use a Mac or Windows, shortcuts make life easier. They can be used to group, copy, and paste files, to and from folders. Also, they are used to multitask and hop back and forth between multiple program windows running simultaneously. Any function within your CPUs operating system that can be paired with a shortcut, can be assigned to the additional buttons on a gaming mouse.


Professions where CPUs are paramount and used daily, are made significantly easier with the use of shortcuts. When writing documents in a word program, it’s common to use functions like copy, paste, center align, bold, etc. Typically, to copy highlighted text the shortcut CTRL + C (Command + C for Mac users) can be used. It involves holding one keyboard button while reaching to press the second. With a gaming mouse, all shortcuts can be performed by one button click.


Some professions use programs like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to manage spreadsheets. When working with spreadsheets, there are more available shortcuts than a word processing program.


Cells, columns, and rows inside spreadsheets can be a pain to move, sort, filter, and formulate. Using a gaming mouse, shortcuts to change the formatting and activate add-on tools can be assigned to a single button.

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Additional functions

Also, gaming mice have superior scroll wheels to standard mice. When working inside large spreadsheets with lots of rows and columns, it’s life-changing to have left to right scroll capabilities. Most standard mice won’t have the same ability. Scrolling up and down is fluent and seamless with a gaming mouse, even in sheets with hundreds or thousands of rows.


Music and video editing professionals should invest in a gaming mouse as well. Music and video editing software have hundreds of functions and available actions. Cutting clips, duplicating wav files, and adding special effects can be controlled from your mouse instead of navigating to drop-downs in the toolbar.

Editing involves constant starting and stopping to view the changes made along the way to the mastered result. Work becomes much easier when your mouse graduates from a 2-button functionality to 7 or more.


Avoids repetition

The IT service is another line of work that is deskbound and requires heavy usage of the computer. Usually, IT workers fix a specific group of issues for different individuals or companies. Knowledge and experience with fixing computer issues require familiarity with coding and steps to a solution.


Addressing one type of IT issue multiple times a week can be monotonous. Keyboard shortcuts are commonly used in IT services, so it is fitting to improve both efficiency and speed by assigning the shortcuts to buttons on a gaming mouse.


Dots per Inch

DPI (dots per inch) is a performance metric of gaming mice that can dramatically improve work efficiency for graphic designers. DPI is the number of screen pixels the cursor moves per inch. It measures the precision of cursor movement and selection.


When working in programs like Photoshop and other large editing software, line creation and pixel selection are critical. Using an insufficient mouse for design work is similar to using a large brush to try painting with fine detail. It’s almost impossible.


Design programs have more functions than most program types, so in addition to the precision the mouse provides, it’s nice to have as many shortcuts as possible assigned to the extra buttons. It may take some time getting used to, but the learning curve is well worth the effort.



Gaming mice are more precise, faster, and offer substantially more functionality than the standard mouse. They equip users with shortcuts and more immediate access to important commands. Though they aren’t customarily used for daily work, they benefit all professions and trades that consistently involve computers. Pinpoint precision from using a gaming mouse drastically improves daily work efficiency.

Author: Jodi Sides