What Is a 482 Visa in Australia

The Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa is for s skilled person who wants to work in Australia temporarily. It allows Australian employers to sponsor a person from another country to work in their companies in Australia.

Depending on the job and skills, the TSS visa subclass 482 visa allows you to work in Australia for up to four years. With this visa, you can travel to and fro Australia as many times as you want, eligible to apply for permanent residence, and study in Australia.


TSS Visa requirements

To apply for the TSS visa subclass 482, you must have an approved sponsoring employer in Australia. You also eligible to apply for the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) 482 visa if you:

  • have the required qualifications
  • have two years of relevant work experience
  • have adequate health insurance
  • meet English language requirement
  • have been nominated for a position by an approved employer
  • comply with other requirements outlined by the Australian government

The application process

  • The employer applies to be a sponsor
  • The employer is approved by the government to be a sponsor
  • The employer nominates you for a given skilled occupation position
  • Apply for the TSS visa
  • Wait for the outcome
  • Receive your 482 visa
  • Start working


What you and your family can do while you are on a 482 visa

When holding the TSS visa, your family can travel to and fro, study and work in Australia without any restrictions until the duration has expired.


You should notify the Immigration Department if your sponsor has terminated your 482 employment. After notifying the Immigration Department, you should either:

  • leave Australia within sixty days
  • apply for another type of visa
  • look for another 482 employers to sponsor you

If your visa is expiring and you want to stay in Australia and continue working for your existing employer, the employer should submit a new nomination. You must apply for a new visa to continue staying and working in Australia after four years.



Author: Jodi Sides