Cyber Technology, a leader in UAV manufacture, has recently expanded their global presence by setting up a partnership to manufacture CyberQuad MAXI systems with Northwest UAV in Oregon. This mutual agreement will facilitate greater market penetration and sales support for CyberQuad systems across the United States.

To date, Northwest UAV’s primary business has been the production of engine modules used in various air, land and sea based unmanned vehicles. CyberQuad MAXI is the first complete UAV system that Northwest have manufactured to date and they welcome the expansion to their capabilities. Cyber Technology is proud to partner with a highly professional and qualified UAV manufacturing company like Northwest to support delivering quality system and parts to US customers in a timely manner.

Some of the team members involved in producing three CyberQuad MAXI UAV’s at Northwest and undertaking training.

CyberQuad flight demonstration to some of the Northwest team members.

Author: Jodi Sides