Is instagram marketing effective?

Is Instagram marketing effective?

Nowadays having an Instagram account for your business is almost mandatory. There are over a billion active users a month on this social network and in Australia, there are over 10 million people using this social network. So when advertising your business Instagram is a great tool to reach a large number of people.

Why should you do marketing on Instagram?


Instagram allows you to create an account where you can make a great community to learn about and buy the services your business offers. In addition, you can often receive feedback from your customers directly, which makes them fans of your brand. There are many studies done on Instagram users who claim to buy almost 60% of the things they want through Instagram.


Another thing that makes Instagram a very effective marketing platform are the influencers.

Many brands send their products and services to influencers with thousands of followers so that they try your stuff and talk about your brand to their whole audience, thus making you known and generating sales.

You can also create fun and effective raffles for free, which will make your brand grow a lot.


And finally, Instagram also has ads that we can pay to make ourselves known, although this is not the most effective way of marketing, although it still works since it is not very expensive and we will get quite an impact.


You will be able to find your audience


A fundamental part of marketing is to advertise your products or services to the right audience. If we are selling women’s clothing, it is very ineffective to advertise your products to men.

With Instagram, you can see the age ranges, countries, gender, and other characteristics of your audience to get a clear idea of your target.

In addition, all Instagram marketing Australia by Codi activities such as giveaways, Instagram’s own ads, and other strategies will usually reach an audience that is interested in your content. So it is very difficult to spend on marketing that will not interest anyone.


Marketing Strategy


It doesn’t matter if you are a big company or a start-up, you will just have to do the right things to make your Instagram marketing strategy effective. Besides investing time and some money of course.


Create a unique and eye-catching account, which is very active and brings something new to the users to later advertise your content. I assure you that with dedication you can make Instagram your main advertising source. Or you can directly hire a social media manager for this.



Author: Jodi Sides