How to Hire a Private Investigator

Are you suspecting your partner or spouse of cheating? Do you want surveillance of an employee to uncover fraud, conduct background checks for recruits, or investigate a competitor or supplier? Those who look for private investigators are individuals, companies and authorities. You always have to ensure that the information you get about any private investigator in Australia comes from credible sources in Australia. Take a look at our best tips on how to hire a Private Investigator.


Get a Referral: Since you will be swapping personal information with your private investigator, they must be a reliable person. Do thorough research on your to-be investigator. Request for recommendations and look for online reviews about their service.


Check Their Registration and Insurance: Are they an investigator with full ICO Registration and insurance? Make sure you see paper works on this. Being insured to about a million AUD is a sign that a private investigator means business. Though it’s not a necessity for every job, in case something happens at some point during the work, being the hirer would mean that you would be held legally responsible in case of no insurance coverage.


Check Their Qualifications and Experience: To get the type of investigator that fits your needs, look for a detective whose specialty is in the job you want them to do for you. Ask for their experience in the type of investigative assignment you want to engage them in and the results they produced.


Talk About Confidentiality: The information you share with a private investigator is certainly sensitive and therefore, making sure your PI would be consistently cautious and respectful in handling such information is critical.


Be prepared for whatever results your private investigator might uncover: Notably, the private investigator you’re hiring will be tasked with uncovering stuff on people that matter to you and most especially those close to you. Make sure you can handle whatever the PI might find.


Author: Jodi Sides