How to avoid being ripped off by a plumber

The plumber’s experience is one of the most important factors when making your choice. You should, therefore, choose this professional carefully. Use the tips below to choose the best plumber:


1. Demand the terms of the service in writing.

If you are unfamiliar with the plumber or plumber Gawler, you should safeguard yourself by asking the plumber, in writing, to provide you with all written conditions such as prices, guarantees, types and brands of products and accessories, etc. If for some reason you are not satisfied or feel that you have been created, you can always resort to the judicial system to resolve the conflict. If the situation reaches that extreme, all written information has contractual validity and will facilitate obtaining fair compensation.


2. Always ask for a guarantee.

All products have a legal guarantee, but in the case of services, it can be much more complicated to hold the provider responsible for something less well done. The question about guaranteeing products and services should be asked at the beginning of the negotiation, and it is to be welcomed if the provider takes the initiative to inform the customer about the guarantee of their work. For the avoidance of doubt, always ask for this guarantee to be in writing.

3. Be careful of scams.

Unfortunately, there are people who are concerned with making money fast. Be careful if you receive any type of unsolicited contact or visits to your home. You should avoid any professional who does not guarantee a price for the service in question and especially if you ask for an advance. The best professionals also do not usually charge for a simple budget.

4. Inspect the finished work and the materials used.

A good professional takes responsibility for the work he does and strives for the client to be satisfied. Check the replaced parts and accessories, and have the plumber show you the old or damaged parts and accessories. Also pay attention to the quality and brand of the products used, such as paints, tubes, taps, sealants, etc. Only accept to pay for the service when everything is as agreed.

Author: Jodi Sides