Cyber Technology is offering free CASA approved CyberQuad MAXI type training courses for all new CyberQuad MAXI orders placed in July. Cyber Technology was originally issued its UAV Operator’s Certificate (OC) by CASA in December 2011 – the first multi-UAV OC in Australia. Since then, CASA has renewed Cyber Technology’s OC for a further three years. Cyber Technology has been a major source of advice and support to many CyberQuad customers who’ve obtained their own OC too.

With the recent move to Balcatta, Cyber Technology has invested in the expansion of their clean-room electronics assembly and production areas. The new premise also facilitates the provision of Cyber Technology’s professional training and consultation services.

CyberQuad UAVs are the #1 choice for safety conscious customers needing to perform aerial surveying, inspection and surveillance. They are the only production quadrotors with tough, chemically inert, non-conductive and aerodynamically optimized ducted fans.

Currently over a dozen different CyberQuad MAXI combinations of payloads and ground station accessories are available. This broadly caters for a variety of industrial applications and budgets, ranging from the actively stabilized 24MP HD payload to the versatile dual thermal/optical camera systems. Cyber Technology is constantly integrating the latest state-of-the-art imaging devices to ensure their systems always provide cutting-edge aerial imagery.

The CyberQuad MAXI type training courses cover more than just basic flight operations and maintenance. They are tailored towards the respective industrial applications of each participant. The Chief Instructor Paul Dewar brings a wealth of practical experience from undertaking CyberQuad services all over the world. The courses aim to produce confident skilled CyberQuad Controllers capable of performing their own operations reliably and safely.

Author: Jodi Sides