Do Animals Need Chiropractors?

Are you having trouble watching your beloved pet struggle with mobility or issues with pain? Maybe you’ve tried all kinds of veterinary interventions but haven’t seen the results you were expecting?


Animal chiropractors Melbourne are an excellent alternative to traditional veterinarian services! Chiropractors who work with animals are highly qualified and have training in both animal anatomy and chiropractic theory.


Do animals need chiropractors?


That depends on the individual animal and its current condition. Chiropractic manipulation helps alleviate the painful symptoms associated with several problems, including joint and disk disease, problems with the nervous system, and even incontinence.


If your pet suffers from any persistent pain that other treatments fail to relieve, then a chiropractor might be the thing to try! Most animals benefit from this kind of therapy, including dogs, cats, horses, and many others.

How long will it take to see improvement?


In most situations, chiropractic therapy shows immediate results. To assess the level of improvement, consider if your animal seems to walk stronger, or without as much struggle.


If the therapy was intended to increase flexibility and stamina, assess these areas regularly to see the full extent of improvement.

Are there any dangers?


In Australia, Chiropractors who work with animals must have completed specific education and training. They are knowledgeable in both animal anatomy and chiropractic theory. Choosing a Chiropractor with an AVCA (Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association) membership ensures they’re qualified professionals.


As long as you work with a certified professional, then there is no increased risk for injury. Though, be leary of anyone who does not have proof of training and certifications openly displayed or available for viewing. These are red flag signs that they may not be licensed.


Someone without training could injury your pet. Especially if they’re trying any manipulation of the spine.

Author: Jodi Sides