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CEO Joshua Portlock made the following statement for the CNBC report.

“Cyber Technology have been CASA licensed to provide commercial UAV services in Australia for over 3 years now. Whereas the US are still a while away from allowing and licensing commercial use.

We’ve sold millions of dollars of CyberQuad systems to various customers and applications, who are each making and/or saving millions of dollars in their respective industries.

We’ve had fire brigade and emergency services customers using our CyberQuad systems to help save lives, by getting birds eye views of building fires, natural disasters and major accidents. With our integrated dual thermal/optical payload, they can identify high risk hot spots from above to coordinate their activities safety, while also searching for trapped people who need their help.

CyberQuad is particularly competitive in the commercial space because of it’s highly optimized and safe ducted fans, that are made from a tough non-conductive engineering thermoplastic. This makes it the safest UAV in the world for inspecting high risk infrastructure, like power poles and communication towers.

A warn out power pole caught fire here in WA this week and caused a massive bushfire that sadly destroyed 50 homes. This could have been avoided by widespread implementation of CyberQuad systems regularly inspecting all power poles for wear and damage.

In order to facilitate safe and reliable widespread adoption of our system, we know we need to produce the utmost of quality hardware and implement very user friendly software. This is why we have partnered with DreamHammer to employ their DroneOS in our future systems.

With DreamHammer’s experience producing high-end ground control station software for large scale autonomous military systems, we are confident they will be able to provide a user friendly framework for our commercial customers to operate our systems intuitively and safely in the future.”

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Author: Jodi Sides