Body Image Therapy

Body image therapy services refers to the thought someone has regarding his or her own body. This belief is influenced by several factors such as relationships with loved ones, experiences, life struggles and also thoughts about how other people perceive them.


There are people with more of a positive body look while others have more of a negative body look. Negative body image occurs in different extents. A moderate dislike of one’s look can be viewed as a negative body appearance.


Distorted body image


The distress of the body look particularly the wrong thought concerning the size of the body and low self-esteem has been acknowledged as a clinical trait that is of much importance to individuals with eating disorders. These ailments are aggravated by challenges in acknowledging the feeling states. The treatment of eating disorders is recommended so as to improve the image of the body.


Why body image therapy is necessary


Body image therapy is intended to cultivate positive awareness of the body rather than viewing your body as the cause of relentless problems. This kind of therapy has a direct impact on the body, making use of interaction and movement actions to develop a positive and realistic body image.


Body image therapy via different techniques educates the participants to identify and access perceptions of their bodies as important signs and an indication of emotional difficulties. Body image therapy also encourages individuals to find out significant concerns and feeling difficulties through movement, imagery, and create trust, building awareness of the body thereby resulting in a positive body image.


Body image therapy instills us to express and share our emotions in a constructive manner and therefore develop eloquent personal relations. Body image therapy can be accessed from most eating ailment treatment hubs and has shown to be of many benefits to people with low self-esteem as well as poor body appearance.

Author: Jodi Sides