The Quad Rotor project is also a fully internally funded project that commenced in late 2008. This has produced a very compact and versatile electrically powered VTOL platform in two versions, the mini and maxi, versions of this aircraft are already in service or under trials with several agencies both here and over sea’s. We have recently added a full gas detection system to the platform which will sense (depending on the detection package fitted) up to six poisonous or toxic gasses then send the type of gas detected and the parts per million (ppm) back to the operator of the air vehicle up to 5 km away from the site. The Quad Rotors can be flown in semi auto and full auto modes and have a battery duration of some 30 mins per flight.

Cyber Eye 2v2, is a fixed wing observation aircraft with the ability to stay aloft for up to 10 hours whilst carrying a 20kg payload, the aircraft generates its own electrical power on board and uses a COFDM encrypted digital link to send near HD vision up to 50km.

The CM 160 camera head is a fully stabilised head containing a Sony block day time video camera with * 26 zoom and also a 60htz forward looking infra red camera for night time work. The aircraft and ground station fits into a crate 3 metres long by 80cm square, weighs less than 150 kg and is operated by just two personnel.

Further to this we have also developed two medium and high speed unmanned aerial targets, for use when training air defence and navy gunners, these being the Cyber Wraith and Cybird 5 VX.

Our company is fully internally funded and at the cutting edge of UAV systems and development.