*Discontinued* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The long endurance surveillance platform for persistent aerial observation


The CyberEye II is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The advanced design of the CyberEye II allows it to carry up to a 20 kg payload for up to 10 hours of continuous mission time. The composite construction of the CyberEye II airframe has been designed to withstand the effects of humidity without sacrificing craft durability and ease of maintenance. The CyberEye II is the perfect craft to detect, localize and track.

Execute powerful continuous operations

  • With a customisable payload of up to 20 kg, the CyberEye can provide continuous flying ability for up to 10 hours
  • The CyberEye II engine provides electrical power through an onboard generator for powering its UAV systems and payload
  • Backup storage batteries that store approximately 1 hour worth of flying power to return the aircraft to the mission base

Fly autonomously

  • The CyberEye II is flown using the UAV Navigation AP04 autopilot combined with the UAV Navigation GCS03 ground control station interface
  • This compact and robust communication system operates with VisionAir software running on a commercially available PC
  • Navigation of the CyberEye II is via GPS, which can be upgraded to DGPS
  • Ground control station tracking antennas can be included for the DataLink and VideoLink Systems, providing improved performance for low altitude and long distance missions.

Save money with perfect fuel efficiency

  • The CyberEye II is very efficient with a fuel consumption of 3 litres per hour at a cruise speed of 90 – 100 kph

Take-off from anywhere

  • The CyberEye II is capable of operating from unprepared airfield or road
  • The CyberEye II’s short take-off and landing performance is exceptional due to large span flaps and hydraulic disk brakes

See with exceptional clarity

  • The CyberEye II has a retractable nose wheel that provides the camera payload an uninterrupted 360° field of view

Track, localise and detect with superior aerial surveillance

  • The CyberEye II can feature the Kestrel Land Surveillance & Maritime Surveillance payload, which uses EO/IR sensors to detect and track moving targets on the ground and in the water below
  • Flying well above the action, the Kestrel computer vision system is capable of detecting and tracking objects smaller than 2 pixels in size, even those that are too small, moving too slowly or that are too camouflaged for human operators to detect
  • Contact us for more information on this payload option

Easily command multiple CyberEye II units

  • Fly up to four CyberEye II units using a single ground control station

Deploy in less than one hour

  • The CyberEye II can be operational within one hour of arriving at the departure site
  • The aircraft can be transported to a site in a standard commercial van.

Reduced maintenance costs with a durable design

  • The incredibly strong and durable CyberEye II body is manufactured using state-of-the-art composite materials
  • The airframe has been designed to withstand the effects of humidity without sacrificing craft durability and ease of maintenance
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