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At Cyber Technology we are focused on providing quality UAV solutions with real world applications in mind. As Cyber Technology is a Small-Medium Enterprise we can respond quickly to customer demands and are flexible in tailoring UAV solutions to satisfy new and unique requirements. We have built many strong relationships with supporting UAV technology companies in order to provide the greatest capability to our customers. We have a capable team of professionals with broad expertise.


Chief Executive Officer - Joshua Portlock

Joshua Portlock is the Chief Executive Officer at Cyber Technology and original designer of CyberQuad UAVs. Joshua is a specialist in VTOL UAV technologies, employing multidisciplinary design optimization techniques to optimize aerodynamics, electric propulsion and control systems. Joshua completed his bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering at Curtin University of Technology in 2005. For his final year project he developed a quadrotor UAV with an on-board altitude estimation and control system, called the Quad Thrust Aerial Robot. Following the success of that project he graduated with Honours and decided to further his research qualifications by undertaking a PhD. Joshua has been working at Cyber Technology since late 2008 as a project manager and was promoted to CEO in early 2013.

Chief Operating Officer - Paul Dewar

Paul Dewar is Cyber Technology’s Chief Operating Officer, as well as Chief UAV Controller and Instructor. He is responsible for the operations of Cyber Technology, including managed services and customer training. A Communications and Electronics Engineer with 15 years of service in the Australian Regular Army Signals Corp, Paul is passionate about aviation, especially Unmanned Vehicles. During Paul’s time in the Army he instructed apprentices at the Army Apprentices School, and worked with the SAS, ASIO, Federal Police and Defence Materiel Branch on many sophisticated development projects for the Australian Military.

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