What is the maximum altitude and range of the cyberQuad?

The cyberQuad altitude is electronically limited to 120m in order to stay within CASA 101 regulations and below any manned aviation.

The recommended maximum range is 500m from the operator in order to maintain good video link and visual line-of-sight control.

What is the maximum wind speed that the cyberQuad can operate in?

The cyberQuad can fly autonomously in up to 20 knot winds and an experienced operator can fly in 25 knot wind.

How noisy is the cyberQuad?

The cyberQuad is below 65 decibels at 30 m, which is less than a normal conservation.

Are there other colours available for the CyberQuad?

The standard CyberQuad color is black, however, we can paint them any color for an additional fee.

Is it possible to lease or hire a CyberQuad?

Due to licensing and insurance, we currently only wet lease our CyberQuad systems using one of our pilots.

Do you provide training for flying the cyberQuads?

Yes, we provide comprehensive training courses for our cyberQuad systems, either at our office in Perth or at your location.

Is it possible for different cameras to be attached to the CyberQuads?

Yes, we can integrate a variety of different cameras into our CyberQuads, however we would want to make sure the weight and dimensions are within acceptable limits and that the I/O for display and control is adequate. We may also need to design a custom mounting bracket, so it is best to discuss your payload requirements with us directly.

Can the operating range or flight time be extended?

Yes, we have methods of extending the operating range and flight times of cyberQuads, however this requires the use of custom and high-end components that add additional price to the system. Please contact us with your requirements so we can quote you accordingly.

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